Dark Souls


Dark Souls I

The Ranking System

If you wish to participate in the ladder, you must join the following discord server: https://discord.gg/8BTMpqX/

Upon joining you can register by going to the #role-request channel to set your platform and region. After this step is complete you can request the initiate role.

The ladder is being held on the following platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One & the Switch

All sets are ft7s (first person to win seven rounds wins the set)

You can challenge anyone above you to a ft7, except for any rank above Master. You must be a Master to challenge a Grandmaster and beyond.

Upon beating someone who is a higher rank than you, you will move up one rank.

Ranking up when your opponents are in the same rank requires winning two consecutive ft7s.

You will only be demoted if you lose twice to someone below your rank without winning a fight inbetween losses, unless you are Grandmaster rank and above in which case you move down when you lose once to someone below you.

You must fight two other people before re-challenging the same person.

If you decline 3 consecutive challenges from someone in your region (regions being divided by continent) with the default ruleset you will be ranked down. However, challenges from other regions or from people not wanting to play with the default ruleset (e.g. fights at SL200) can be declined freely.

Sets must be recorded for evidence. Sets which are not recorded will not count towards your rank.

All ranks above Grand Master are recorded in the Hall of Fame.


Ancient (2 slots)

Grand Champion (5 slots)

Champion (10 slots)

Grandmaster (20 slots)

Master (unlimited slots)

Expert (unlimited slots)

Veteran (unlimited slots)

Journeyman (unlimited slots)

Apprentice (unlimited slots)

Novice (unlimited slots)

Layman (unlimited slots)

Initiate (unlimited slots)

Fights Club Rules

1. Default SL for builds is 125 but the ft7 may take place at any SL provided both competitors agree beforehand. If any disagreement about the SL occurs after the fights, the ft7 will not count.

2. The following are banned: stone greatsword, tranquil walk of peace, tumble buffing, red/blue tearstone ring & healing unless both players agree to it (including healing miracles other than replenishment, which is always allowed).

3. One build swap allowed per ft7 (i.e. where the stats are changed, changing equipment does not count as a build swap).

4. One free buff at the start of the fight. Any buffs after are punishable.

5. Do not block players from coming back in-bounds. Arena boundaries are given in the discord server under #info.

6. Going out of bounds to change equipment or to avoid damage is not permitted. If you do so, the round automatically goes to your opponent.

7. If both players die the match is reset.

8. Native fps only.

9. No hacking or modded items.

10. Crystal weapons are allowed.

11. Forfeiting games will result in disqualification from the ladder.